Hometown Horror Stories: French Quarter Wedding Chapel

NEW ORLEANS - We love our yearly tradition of terror here at WGNO. This one is a house of love - that's loved by a ghost!

We traveled to the French Quarter Wedding Chapel with New Orleans Psychic Cari Roy who told us some history about the chapel. "It had started out as a coffin maker in the late 1700s. But then at Storyville grew in popularity, they also grew and location and so this became a bordello."

Today, you can still hear people walking up and down the stairs that ladies of the night used to wait on. Cari thinks this is due to one ghost, who loved the bordello and never left, "there is a woman who was the lady of the evening who passed away and she still walks the French Quarter Wedding Chapel today."

But she doesn't just walk up and down the stairs, she causes mischief with the brides and grooms! " She’s been known to brush up against the brides, she’s been known to even pinch the grooms."