Local family donates over 25,000 oysters to Violet Oyster Fest

VIOLET, La. -- Whether they are fried, grilled, raw, on a po'boy, or in your Thanksgiving stuffing, oysters tend to be a fan favorite of Louisianians.

According to Don Robin of Robin Seafood Company in St. Bernard Parish, the peak oyster season is right around the corner.

He says the oysters are more plump and simply delectable during the colder months.

"We don't harvest them until they are actually just about perfect to harvest. It's just like picking fruit. You don't pull it from the vine until it's almost ripe and perfect and that's what we do with the oysters," says Robin.

Robin also says that his family was been donating the oysters to the Violet Oyster Fest for several years.

This year, they donated 250 sacks which equals about 25,000 oysters!

This act of kindness is something the Robin family says comes straight from their hearts.

"We're blessed. The Lord blesses us, so we are just kind of able to just give them back a little bit," says Robin.

This year's funds from the Violet Oyster Fest are going towards the new community center at our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church.

What began as a sort of a parish picnic 30 years ago turned into a fundraiser that raises money to support the community and its functions.

That's why the church faculty expresses their gratitude to the families who have donated the oysters every year to the festival completely free of charge.