Editorial: Fix for Purple and Gold conspiracy theorists: Just win, baby

BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 20: Greedy Williams #29 of the LSU Tigers and Kristian Fulton #22 celebrate during the second half against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Tiger Stadium on October 20, 2018 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

It is that time of year. The LSU conspiracy theorists are out in large numbers, looking for any kind of slight against their Tigers as the game against top ranked Alabama approaches November 3rd.

This year, the conspiracy folks jumped on the bandwagon early.

Surely, linebacker Devin White did not target Mississippi State quarterback Nick Fitzgerald in the fourth quarter of a 19-3 LSU win. But, the call was made and confirmed by replay.

White, was ejected, and will miss the first half of the Alabama game.

My take? The call, as defined by the rule, was correct. Here’s what Ed Orgeron said after the game when queried by reporters. “The rule is you can’t lead with your head, you can’t lead with your head. That’s the rule.”

Orgeron looked like a coach who was ready to address the issue quickly, and move on. And, it was a smart move by the LSU head coach. No need to worry about something you can’t change.

Which is what some in the LSU fan base need to attempt.

The only way to eliminate all the conspiracy chatter is to beat Alabama.

From 2000 to November of 2011, LSU played Alabama 12 times, and won 9. At no time, did I hear a favorite refrain of the bitchers and moaners. You know, the one about the SEC office being in Birmingham, and thus favoring Alabama in all.

When you defeat Alabama, all the nonsense about conspiracies, and the SEC being against you just fade.

In 2005, LSU was down 10 nothing to Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The Tigers then proceeded to play their best half of football, and then some, winning in overtime.

Two years later, in Tide land, the Tigers scored two late fourth quarter touchdowns to win 41-34. In the third quarter, Matt Flynn hit Demetrius Byrd on a long touchdown pass.

The Tigers turned the momentum of the game right there.

This year, LSU has its best chance to beat Alabama since 2011. The Tigers, 7-1, have been tested against a brutal schedule. LSU has added a superb kicking game, and a great leader at quarterback, to an already talented defense.

In one year, Ed Orgeron has brought LSU football to a top 4 ranking in the country.

The coaching staff is top shelf, and so is team chemistry. That last attribute isn’t hard to spot. When Orgeron said one team, one heartbeat, the naysayers scoffed. But, it is there, and it is real.

Alabama has earned its rep as the top program in college football.

For LSU there is no other way to the top than to defeat the Crimson.

End of story.

For one half, LSU will have to play without Devin White. So be it.

All that matters is to win.

It will leave your opponents, and your own conspiracy theorists at a loss for words.

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