Hometown Horror Stories: Zach and Addie at the Rampart Street Murder House

NEW ORLEANS - Twelve years ago, the story of Zach and Addie shook our city, two lovebirds involved in a murder-suicide. In today's Hometown Horror Story, we visit the house where it all took place.

Bloody Mary took us through the New Orleans Haunted Museum on Rampart Street, where there are many relics, haunted items, and information about ghosts of New Orleans. Perhaps the most haunting part of all is the structure wherein the museum has been built. Bloody Mary told us that we were not alone, "I have at least nine different resident spirits here and counting. Those are the regular ones we know by name."

In the upstairs apartment of the museum is the location of a horrible attack that happened 12 years ago. Those involved in the incident were known as Zach and Addie, made infamous for their murder-suicide. As we followed Bloody Mary up the stairs, she told us, "The spirits that linger from that [incident] are growing and spirits can still grow in "in between" times, and the afterlife."

Bloody Mary told us that many who visit the museum bring gifts, especially for Zach and Addie. "It might be liquor or food or money or cigarettes. Things that people liked in real life. All the money goes to the New Orleans Justice Center to stop domestic violence, for this was a domestic violence issue."

Some sage advice from Bloody Mary, "Always ask permission when you enter a haunted location, always bring a gift."

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