Hometown Horror Stories: Inn at the Old Jail

NEW ORLEANS - We love our yearly tradition of terror here at WGNO. Today's tale involves an inn located in an old jail!

Raul Canache, the Innkeeper of the Old Jail, told us that this jail had always been beautiful. "They started building in 1898 and then finished building in 1902, it was built with four other jails at the time by Mayor Capdeville. He was a very progressive guy and he wanted to have the most beautiful jails in the world I guess."

We visited the Jail with New Orleans Psychic Cari Roy,  who told us, "the older the place is, and the more interesting things occurred there, the more apt there are to be haunted experiences."

The areas that had the most activity at the Inn in the Old Jail were the holding tank and also the jail cells. We felt cold spots, smelled unusual and unexplainable smells and received some activity on our L Rods. L Rods or Talking Rods are light aluminum wands that entities can move. One asks an entity to indicate whether they’re in the room or not by crossing or uncrossing rods. When we asked in the holding tank, we got a lot of movement.

Cari told us, "Each and every part of this Inn there something paranormal going on the ghosts are here but they’re here to protect us. It’s not a very scary place it’s one where you can come and realize there are entities here who watch over us."

So maybe the ghosts that have stayed at the Old Jail are staying around to protect and serve.

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