Zara’s first New Orleans location opens Thursday

NEW ORLEANS -- Nearly every fashion influencer in New Orleans was on hand as Zara gave a preview of their first Louisiana location on Wednesday morning.

Zara will open at Lakeside Shopping Center on Thursday (Oct. 18) at 10 a.m.

The internationally celebrated Spanish fashion brand gave their latest Lakeside location a $10 million face life. The bright white, two-story, 23,730-square-foot store is perfectly lit and merchandised for the selfie generation. It features clothing for women, men, and children.

While their headquarters are in Barcelona, they discussed the success of their locations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami... and stressed how excited they were to finally be in New Orleans. Their design influences come from their shoppers, they told us that they have 700 designers within the company, and that every Tuesday and Friday the store receives new items.

The New Orleans location received several "advanced" pieces of clothing before any other Zara locations. In the men's department you will find the "Party Collection" which includes beautiful, loud blazers. In the women's section, look for the sparkly sequin pieces. Those are "advanced" pieces for NOLA ladies, giving us just a hint at what their holiday collections might look like.

If you want an item that you can't find in the store, Zara has what they call an "8 minute process" to insure that you quickly get the item you're looking for sent straight to your home. Before they put it in the mail, the sales person packages the item to make it look like a gift.

Heads up, Lakeside Shopping Center is anticipating a large amount of traffic upon the open of Zara's first New Orleans location.

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