Discover an island off the Gulf Coast that has hidden Indian burial mounds

SHELL BEACH- It's a real life ghost story.  There is an island just off the coast of Shell Beach that has thousand year old Indian burial mounds from on its banks.  Twist reporter Adam Bowles took a boat out to Jenky's Island to explore its mysterious past.

"Right over here when we come out of this turn, your going to see the spooky island," Zack Campo says.

The spooky island known as Jenky's island that has something on its earth, that is unnatural. Coming ashore was no picnic, but it was a risk we had to take. "I got me a little snake beater right here just in case," Campo says.

What are we here for? We are finding the remains of an ancient civilization, the Indian burial mounds of the Biloxi Indians. Most of the Biloxi Indians were wiped out by a small pox epidemic thousands of years ago. Our only clue was their source of food which was clam shells.

"They were some clam shell eating fools I'll tell you that," Zack says. "We will find them because of that."

Adam's tour guide Zack and him were close, ventering deep into the island that felt like a jungle.

"Every bug you can imagine is in this inlant right here," Adam says. Soon we came upon a hill, covered with clam shells. Finally they found an Indian burial mound.

"It's nice when you find it you know because nowadays you start to wonder like man what really went on back then you know?" Campo says.

Zack Campo with Campo's Marina can take travelers on his boat to Jenky's Island if you want to explore for yourself.

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