Africa Umoja a must see of culture, color and sound in NOLA

NEW ORLEANS-- A proclamation from Mayor Latoya Cantrell's office made it official that Africa Umoja has arrive in NOLA.

And while 'Umoja' is the Swahili word for unity, this production is the story of  South Africa's people through music.

Gregory "Slender" Mkhabela, the show's narrator says, "In every occasion that you have there is a song about it. If we're happy there is a song to sing to show our joy and happiness, and if there's death and oppression we show our sorrows through song."

While the tour is covering over a dozen cities across the country, the show's producer is New Orlenian Ernest Kelly.  He succintly put what this colorful and sonic production this week offers.

"Just the energy man, you get from them drums, That first drum beat grabs you right here and fromt he first minute until the last minute you're locked in," said Kelly.

Click here for tickets and info on Africa Umoja at the Mahalia Jackson Theater.