Sweet Olive Garden experience goes viral – waitress helps Mom

GREENSBORO, NC — Sometimes taking toddlers out to eat can be tremendously stressful.

Ask a North Carolina Mom named Courtney Ruth Pedigo. She recently posted on Facebook about attempting to enjoying a meal at Olive Garden with her family.

Her daughter, Harlynn, proved to be a wiggle worm and a little vocal… causing Courtney to ask for her meal “to go” so they could sit in the car and eat.

Her Olive Garden waitress blatantly telling Courtney, “Uh, no.”

Instead Nianni Rudder went to the back and grabbed some ice cream for Harlynn. She sat next to Courtney, loving on Harlynn and feeding her so Courtney could enjoy a warm meal. The Momma’s Facebook post is going viral with over 10,000 engagements. That’s some customer service, y’all!

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