Florence dog rescue goes viral

Check out this incredible video from the Humane Society of Missouri’s Disaster Response Team.

Soshe was separated from her owner during Hurricane Florence. Her owner was temporarily out of state and unable to return to her flooded home. She knew her dog was in desperate need of help.

Soshe’s dog Mom contacted the Humane Society of Missouri’s Disaster Response Team asking for help. They are one of several animal rescue teams helping out with Florence recovery efforts.

It took the team three seperate attempts to find the house with Soshe inside, the water levels reached the roofs, making homes difficult to identify. However, Soshe was anxious to be rescued, so barked until the team located her.

We are happy to inform you that Soshe has been reunited with her owner. So thankful for this happy ending.
So far, over 21,000 people have viewed this video on Facebook.

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