That motor really purred because it had a cat under the hood!

MADISONVILLE, LA -- Firefighters in Madisonville with the Saint Tammany Fire Protection District #2 had a real mystery on their hands.

This afternoon, some people showed up at Station 21 with a cat problem.  They told firefighters that they had a cat stuck in the engine compartment of their truck.  When firefighters were getting ready to head to the scene, the people told them that they drove the truck to the station and it was in the parking lot.

Firefighters say they looked for nearly half an hour and found nothing.  Everyone believed that somewhere along the drive to the fire station, the cat must have jumped out of the truck.

Just as the people were preparing to leave, everyone heard a little meow.  After working for another half hour, firefighters were able to locate the cat between a wheel well and a skid pad on the truck.

Turns out, it was a kitten, black with white paws.  She seemed healthy, so one of the department's workers decided to take her home.

By the evening, the kitten had a name, Boots.  And she was making a little seven-year-old named Lily very happy!

The firefighters took several photographs of the rescue.  They say they rescue cats out of trees, but the truck engine compartment was a new one.

If you'd like to see the photos that the department provided of the rescue, click on the video button at the top of this page.

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