Preauxface New Orleans creates “Halloween Glam” with full makeover

ARABI, La. -- It's the new trend of "Halloween Glam" and it's sweeping New Orleans.

I'm talking about a type of extreme-Halloween makeup that fuses a spooky look with a little glitter and glow.

It all started when the owner's of Preauxface decided to take their talents to Spooktacular heights in their Arabi shop.

"We are using high quality products. We have super talented artists working with us, and we kind of bring like that fashion forward aesthetic to it," says co-owner, Lana Mora.

"I think you can definitely thank Instagram and Pinterest. It definitely brought the Halloween aesthetic and creativity with makeup to the forefront," says the second co-owner, Everett Brannon.

Each year, Preauxface sets up their Halloween makeup studio to allow customers a luxury experience that includes hair, makeup, signature cocktails or bubbly and Halloween music.

Some of the most popular looks include skeleton makeovers and sugar skull makeovers.

"Year round, people are into it. We are kind of doing this makeup throughout the year, but this is definitely our moment to shine," says Lana.

"Now people are basing their entire costume on their makeup as opposed to buying a costume and not thinking about it," says Everett.

The session ends with a quick photoshoot so social media can see just how extreme you are willing to take your look this Halloween!

"It's couture meets Halloween," says Everett.

If you want a makeover for Halloween, there are still spots available for the annual Halloween Makeup studio that runs October 26th-28th.

Click here for more details.

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