Jazz guitarist Norman Brown Stops by the Twist Stage

NEW ORLEANS-- Contemporary jazz guitarist Norman Brown is set to perform tonight at the Jazz in the Park Burger Fest at the Carver Theater, but stopped by the Twist stage to chat with LBJ.

LBJ: How are you?

NB: I'm blessed

LBJ: We were talking earlier and that first single "Better Days Ahead' was my joint. I still love that, and when I hear you live, that's what I'm waiting on.

NB: Then we'll have it on the set list (laughs)

LBJ: Having to exist in a music industry that continues to change and the taste keep changing, but you still remain relevant on an instrument, how is that?

NB: Transcendence is a way of life. We start off as babies, we go to adolescence, we go to young people teenagers and so on. That's the law of the universe man, and adaptation is what it's all about. I just adapt. Keep my ears to the street, keep my ear on what's happening, change my clothes as they make 'em new.

LBJ: And keep it moving!

NB: Yes, and keep it moving!

Click here for info on the Jazz in the Park Burger Fest

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