Gone Fishin’ with the Plaquemines Parish Coastal Restoration Director

Plaquemines Parish, La.--When you want to find out about Plaquemines Parish you talk to folks who've been here.  Vince Frelich's family has been around for generations.

Frelich says, "We go back about a hundred years or so. I've been here 75 years. I was born and raised in Port Sulphur and made a lot of good friends, as a matter of fact our former Parish President Comier was my best friend.

Vince is the parish's coastal restoration director and he understands land loss better than most.

"I kinda lean towards the islands and the projects that I used to know, and I know we'll never bring it back to what it used to be but I try to bring some back," said Frelich.

Vince took us to Barataria Bay and told us that the state's freshwater diversion plan threatens the entire fishery of Southeast Louisiana.

Frelich says, "It's too much of a loss. It's unacceptable, and I can understand maybe a smaller diversion. There's no way fisheries will survive. I think if we kill all this marsh land, we're jeopardizing ourselves more that we would if we would just leave it as it is."

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