Travel Girl in Covington: Head across the lake, and feel as if you’re across the pond!

COVINGTON - Would you like to visit England without getting on a plane?  Our Travel Girl, Stephanie Oswald, discovered a Covington eatery that serves up the British way of life with more than 200 flavors of tea and a tea-influenced food menu.

It's called The English Tea Room and Eatery, and it has one of the largest selections of premium tea in the South.

"My whole life I've been around this; we've always done this," says restaurant owner, Tim Lantrip, while pouring Stephanie a cup of the current house favorite flavor, "Midnight Rain."

Tim's great grandparents were from England, and 16 years ago he brought the traditions of his ancestors to a cozy Creole cottage on Rutland Street. It's one of the busiest places in town, especially on weekends.

"In our kitchen we cook with tea. Our soups and certain desserts and different foods, we put tea in them. It's a restaurant that focuses on tea," says Tim.

Along with the pot of "Midnight Rain," Stephanie and Tim also shared treats from a traditional English afternoon tea, served on a three level tray. There were desserts on top, mini quiches and fruit in the middle, and finger sandwiches on the bottom.

The place is overflowing with British memorabilia, from a cardboard cutout of the Queen, to Beatles concert flyers. But it's not all about the Brits; there are teas from all over the world lining the walls in pretty tin boxes.

Reservations are recommended and if you want to wear the same fascinator you wore to watch the Royal Wedding earlier this year, you'll fit right in!

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