Can’t sleep? Golf is the #1 sport to fight insomnia. With the #1 golf kid in 3 states: Baby James

NEW ORLEANS -  Need to sleep? Try golfing.  The latest research shows that  golf combats insomnia.

It's the number one sport for helping you sleep.

And  here's just the guy who's ready to take you out on the golf course.

He's just 6 years old.  His name is James Everett Grimes, III.

They call him Baby James.

He's one of Wild Bill's Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

That's the special series that won Wild Bill Wood and photojournalist Justin Abshire an Emmy!

Thank you Baby James.

He's home schooled by his mom.  His mom is also his caddy on the golf course.

And out there on the golf course, he's hard to miss. That's because he's the golfing guy who hardly misses.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood plays a round of golf with James Everett Grimes, III, the kid called Baby James.

Wild Bill asks Baby James, "where do you get that swing?"

Baby James says, " it's all in the confidence!"

Wild Bill, "do you think about golf all the time?"

Baby James, "mostly, but not when I'm doing schoolwork."

School is at home, at the kitchen table. That's where you  find that Baby James is a second grade scholar.

That's where you find his mom, his caddy, sitting there as his teacher.

"I just feel like I don't give up. I try not to give up and that's my goal to not give up on anything, " he says to Wild Bill.

"What kind of kid are you?" Wild Bill asks Baby James.

"I like to challenge myself and if anybody tells me stop, I'll just walk away and won't stop."

He started playing golf when he was just fifteen months old.

But when the garbage truck guys roll up to his house and blow the horn, Baby James runs outside to meet these guys who have become his friends.

They let him honk the horn for himself.

And for a 6-year-old who lives to be on the golf course, honking the garbage trunk horn ranks right up there with a hole in one.

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