CleanUpNOLA aims to clean up the city’s streets

NEW ORLEANS - The city of New Orleans is about to get a good cleaning thanks to CleanUpNOLA.

The wide-ranging, $1 million effort is Mayor LaToya Cantrell's first big citywide project.

It focuses on 12 major streets and involves several different city departments all working together to clean city streets, sidewalks, gutters, drainage ditches, and anywhere else trash is likely to accumulate.

"CleanUpNOLA is something that is very near and dear to me because it speaks to so much of what I believe in -- as a community organizer, as a City Council member, and now as Mayor of the City of New Orleans," Cantrell said. "This initiative is about more than trash, graffiti, tall weeds and unkempt properties. These issues have a negative impact on our economic development, safety, and the quality of life of every New Orleanian. Working with all of these participating departments as well as the community, CleanUpNOLA will confront and transform the culture of littering in our city."

Part of the initiative is a plan to stop illegal dumping.

"We are going to install cameras," Cantrell said. "Now this is something that came directly from the community that has truly been suffering from illegal dumping. So in these key areas we will have cameras. Crime cameras will be installed."

The initiative also targets over-grown lots and graffiti.

Cantrell says she needs the community to do its part and not "make messes" that need to be cleaned up.

For more information on CleanUpNOLA, click here.