Actress attempts to book a role in 12 cities across the country

NEW ORLEANS -- When you're trying to break into acting, generally staying in an active city that shoots film and TV is the goal to be consistent in an area.

For Maytal Angel, she's taking her acting career across the country.

Angel pre-arranged to be in 12 cities across the country to book a role in each of those cities. She started in New York City and will end her journey in Los Angeles.

Tearing through her travels and staying in strangers homes while she travels can be an emotional roller coaster.

She says "When you take a leap of faith, you're just like I'm going to go do it. I don't know what's going to happen but I'm just going to do it. People appreciate that."

But with the help of fans and friends, she says her support system is unbelievable.

"I'm not allowed to leave a city until I book something," Maytal said.

While she's out on her journey, she's letting people see what she's up to by creating vlogs of her successes.

Her vlog is called "The Road to Hollywood." You can follow her on IG @maytalangel and you can subscribe to her YouTube page HERE.

Good luck Maytal!