20 different cookie dough flavors! ‘Cookie Dough Bliss’ coming soon to New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS– Got a sweet tooth?  All your cookie dough dreams can soon come true in New Orleans when Cookie Dough Bliss opens.

Cookie Dough Bliss is known for making premium, small batch, ready to eat cookie dough in different flavors.

The cookie dough is safe to eat without baking.

They will serve up 20 different flavors, and they even offer vegan and gluten free options.  There are also options to put the cookie dough in waffle cones or try one of their cookie dough ice cream sandwiches.

To see a menu of their different flavors, click HERE. 

Cookie Dough Bliss is set to open a new location in Lakeview at 241 W. Harrison Ave.  They are set to open in early Fall.

They have other locations in Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida.

For more information, click HERE.