“The Uranus Examiner” is MO’s newest newspaper

URANUS, MO — A new newspaper has been launched in Uranus, Missouri.

“The Uranus Examiner.”

The managing editor, Natalie Sanders, announced the title on Wednesday afternoon at a Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. The previous town’s paper, the Waynesville Daily Guide, was shut down on Friday. Some local officials are hoping that, “The Uranus Examiner” will fill the void that The Waynesville Daily Guide is expected to leave.

After Sanders’ announcement at the luncheon, Waynesville Mayor Luge Hardman stood up and quipped, “No. I’m sorry. But, the innuendo of that title puts my city up for public ridicule, and I will not be a part of it.” Furthermore, Hardman refused to put any legal notices that the city of Waynesville is required to publish in “The Uranus Examiner.”

The first “The Uranus Examiner” is expected to be printed around Halloween. It will be free and delivered to 15,000 mailboxes.

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