What it is like to run away to the UniverSOUL circus

NEW ORLEANS- The circus is in town and it has a whole lot more "soul" than others. Twist reporter Adam Bowles ran away to the circus today and got to see what it was like to be a performer at the UniverSOUL circus.

"We get to share our culture with everyone and each member of the audience leaves with a message: that everyone belongs. The UniverSoul Circus is for the people, it's their show," CEO Cedric Walker says.

Sometimes, you have to drop everything and chase a dream and go after an inner calling that's been with you for a lifetime. Ringmaster, Donald Long "N.O." was from New Orleans working to be a comedian, but then he got a life changing call.

"Man listen, I love entertainment, I had a passion for it as a kid" Long says. "I took a shot following my dreams, stepped on a comedy stage, the next thing you know the owner of this amazing show gave me a phone call, I'll never forget that phone call."

He was offered to become the new Ringmaster for the epic show and 3 years later he's still here.

"I'm a big kid and so getting paid to be a kid is a dream come true man," Long says.

Now in its 25th year,  the UniverSOUL circus has a simple message. You can do anything you set your mind to like soaring through fiery hoops and doing tricks with elephants. This show will inspire you to follow your dreams.

"Listen, I was on Canal Street catching the street car and here I am today with a bow tie on and the shining lights shining," Ronald says. "I just really encourage people kids and not just kids, if you're 70 you have a future."

If you want to go to the circus, they will be in town until September 23rd at the Old Lake Forest Plaza.

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