The startling stats that show the power of Hurricane Florence

Astronaut on ISS snaps photos of Hurricane Florence spinning in the Atlantic Hurricane.

Florence, a Category 4 hurricane packing 130 miles per hour winds, is churning ominously with its sights set on the Carolinas. Here are five facts that show the power of this monster of a hurricane.

  • If the forecast holds, Hurricane Florence will become the highest north on the East Coast that a Category 4 hurricane has ever made landfall. (That record current goes to Hurricane Hazel, which made landfall on the North Carolina/South Carolina border in 1954.)
  • Florence would be the strongest storm to make landfall anywhere on the East Coast since 1992, when Hurricane Andrew hit.
  • The tropical storm-force winds extend 280 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, which is far enough to reach from Boston to Philadelphia.
  • The winds cover an area more than 53,000 square miles — which is larger than the entire state of North Carolina.
  • There are more than 20 million people facing the threat of the storm.
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