Les Moonves allegedly sought to end Janet Jackson’s career

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The internet is buzzing about the revelation that Les Moonves had it out for Miss Jackson if you’re nasty...

The former CBS CEO reportedly worked to destroy Janet Jackson’s career after her infamous wardrobe malfunction during the NFL's biggest game.

Multiple sources say Moonves worked to get Jackson banned from MTV, VH1, CBS and all Viacom-owned properties.

The ban on Jackson’s music at MTV and VH1 affected sales for her 2004 album “Damita Jo”.

The FCC fined CBS and MTV $550,000.

Quietly, Moonves has allegedly claimed that Jackson never apologized. She maintains that it was an accident. Moonves has reportedly remained angry with her for the incident and lack of an apology.

Jackson was also banned from performing at the Grammys later that year, produced by CBS.

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