Tyler Perry talks Geoffrey Owens on GMA

Full disclaimer: I love Tyler Perry.

I love Tyler Perry, I love Tyler Perry movies, I love everything Tyler Perry.

So of course, I was not surprised when Perry came to Geoffrey Owen’s defense and offered the Cosby star, working at a New Jersey Trader Joe’s for the last 15 months, an acting job.

Owens had not seen the offer yesterday when Good Morning America spoke to him. He doesn't have a Twitter account. Once informed, he was flattered and excited.

Tyler Perry chimed in on Good Morning America saying, “I have tremendous respect for a man who has no pride about working. He’s going to do what he has to do to support his family. I know a lot of people that refuse to go to work when they’re between acting gigs. When I saw that, I was moved by him. That’s the true measure of a man. The true measure of an artist. I have so much respect for him.”

Agreed! Sincerely, Tyler Perry's #1 fan.

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