New Orleans’ own Tank and the Bangas on fire!

NEW ORLEANS--  Among the hottest groups producing music in New Orleans these days, everyone can agree, Tank and the Bangas are on fire!  They've got critically acclaimed music and a touring schedule to match.

This fun-loving group of gifted musicians made a mark last year, winning NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Series, but got their start here in a place of opportunity.

Tarriona "Tank" Ball says, "We used to be together at an open mic night in New Orleans called Liberation Lounge every Sunday.  If you missed church, that was your church.  It was your amen, it was you hallelujah, it was your glory. It was a really good time."

Ball also credits our city with giving her spirit of always entertaining, "You can see children on the corner tap dancing, you can see somone on the corner standing still acting as if they're a statue just to make money.  The brass bands are constantly on the corner with their buckets trying to make money but also entertain at the same time.  It's never something for nothing."

Ball also shared a bit of advice for up and coming artists who aspire to be like Tank and the Bangas.

"Be yourself because everyone else is taken. It's really true," said Ball.

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