LSU wins BIG against Miami: on the field and in one man’s man cave

BATON ROUGE, La - You don't have to go to Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge to go to Tiger Stadium.

You just have to go a house near Baton Rouge where WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is waiting.

It looks like a normal house.

It looks like a normal neighborhood.

It's not far from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

It looks like just another house until you meet the man who lives here.  He's the man who opens the front door  wide just to say something to you.

He says,  "hi and welcome to Tiger Stadium!"

Wild Bill notices and simply says to him, "you have built Tiger Stadium inside your house?"

He says, "yes, it took me 20 years, piece by piece to create Tiger Stadium right here."

Dennis Denicola is the man whose man cave collection is simply a shrine to Louisiana State University football mostly.

Although, he does have a little room in his heart and a crowded corner of the cave a little bit of LSU baseball.

Wild Bill asks, "why do you love LSU so much?"

Dennis Denicola says, "I've been going to LSU football games ever since I was just five years old so purple and gold are in my blood."

His man cave collection includes a locker room with 20 years of signatures from years and seasons of players and coaches.

Dennis Denicola also has jerseys from players who actually wore them in football and baseball games at LSU.

Looking at all this, Wild Bill Wood is overwhelmed.

Wild Bill needs to sit down.

Dennis Denicola invites him to sit down on actual seats from Tiger Stadium.

Dennis Denicola bought them and had them upholstered in true LSU style and true LSU colors.

Who did that work for him?

Dennis did it, continuing his real job running the upholstery business his dad started 70 years ago.

And now with two sons who graduated from LSU, the only thing he never liked about the school was being a student there himself years ago.

Dennis Denicola says, "I was just kind of by myself in classes and I didn't like it."

He didn't need it.  He doesn't need a degree from LSU.

He's already got the winning ticket.

Which ticket is that Wild Bill Wood asks?

Dennis says, "it's the first ticket stub from first LSU football game in Tiger Stadium in 1924."

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