Man tries to rob Krispy Kreme of doughnuts

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FLORIDA -- Ladies and gentlemen, dough-nut try this at home.

Siwatu Wright, 45, tells police that he was just trying to get a doughnut from Krispy Kreme’s secret menu when he attempted to rob the shop at 1am on Friday.

Keyword... attempted.

Police say the clerk that greeted him was shocked by his demands... "$10s, $20s and doughnuts." The clerk then called out for a coworker to join her and the suspect repeated himself, "$10s, $20s and doughnuts." At that point, the two ladies yelled for a man working in the back of the shop.

He told the suspect to leave and surprisingly, Wright did.

Officers picked him up a short distance away from the Krispy Kreme. They took him back where all three employees identified him. Wright told officers that he was trying to get a doughnut from Krispy Kreme’s secret menu but admitted to asking for $10s and $20s too.

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