Why is a 16-year-old setting the ‘barre’ so high? Because big time ballet is calling her name!

NEW ORLEANS -  A New Orleans ballet star is born.

Oh Really?

When that's a question asked by WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood to Farrah Johnson, Farrah has the answer.

Farrah says, "I hope to be one one day."

That's why at the age of just sixteen, Farrah is setting the "barre" high. Really high.

Why is she such an achiever?

Farrah Johnson says, "I set the bar high because I know I was blessed with gifts like this body and I can't let that go to waste."

She is doing all of that.

And it looks as if her mission is being accomplished.

When Farrah Johnson dances with Edward Spots, she feels like she's been in the arms of ballet, forever.

She started dancing when she was just three.

Wild Bill Wood says, "you were dancing almost before you were even walking!"

Farrah says, "I was young  and having fun and now I'm determined and I want this to be my professional career."

Wild Bill says, "I think you are a star!"

And Farrah says to that simply, "thank you."

She's a star who's still a student at New Orleans School of Ballet. Now she's about to blast off into a new galaxy.

Farrah Johnson just got asked to dance and study at the Kansas City Ballet, one of the best companies in America.  She'll leave home for the first time ever.

"Is she ready for this?" Wild Bill asks Nikki Hefko, her ballet teacher at New Orleans School of Ballet.

Nikki says, "it's time for her to go to the next level.

Nikki Hefko knows herself, being a teen-aged ballerina is a full-time-job.

Nikki says, " maybe you skip birthday parties, senior prom, ballet takes so much dedication, the payoff is huge and it's worth it."

Farrah's done her homework, from school at NOCCA, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, to the future.  Her plan is to be a principal dancer with a big-time ballet company.

Farrah says, "once  I was told, my determination move mountains and I know if i have the determination, I'll get where i want to be."

She's built her life on ballet.

Now she's on the way.

And as always, always on her toes.

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