Trending: Highlights from the #SaintsQBs Challenge

NEW ORLEANS -- With veteran quarterback Drew Brees penciled in as the starter, the only competition at the quarterback position has been trying to determine who will be his backup.

Well, that's not exactly true.

While Taysom Hill and Tom Savage battle it out for the backup position, Brees has hosted a series of fun quarterback challenges to loosen the mood during the off-season. Some of these videos receiving over 100 thousand views on social media!

It started during June's mini-camp with the passers attempting to land a ball on a net and stay there -

Drew Brees had a chance to win it... But it bounced just a little too far.

Second-year quarterback JT Barrett came out victorious from the first quarterback challenge but being the competitor that he is — Brees wasn't going to let it end there.

He continued the challenge when The Saints met for training camp in Metairie.

Tom Savage jumped to an early lead as the quarterback attempted to hit various targets on the cart.

But the lead wouldn't hold as Barrett once again walked away with the win.

39-year-old Brees even payed homage to a popular Nintendo game, Duck hunt.

Given that his opponents are all 28 or younger, there's a chance they don't even know what that is.

Just like in the video game, the quarterbacks had to hit the ducks. They used dodge balls to hit their target. If they hit them, Saints mascot 'Gumbo' would retrieve them and they'd get a point.

Saints newcomer Tom Savage won this event, with Brees failing to nail a single duck!

The fun continued this week leading up to tonight's preseason home opener. This time they had targets moving on carts along with baby powder on the football to determine where it hit.


Brees got off to a strong start and had a chance to win it but in the end, his final pass fell just short and the challenge moved into a playoff.

Once again, it was Barrett who walked away the winner.

Hopefully all this fun translates to the field tonight when The Saints host The Arizona Cardinals in their preseason home opener at The Superdome.

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