An Elvis Presley look-alike barber is giving “The King’s Cut”

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NEW ORLEANS -- Can you believe it?  Forty-one years ago today, the King of Rock-N-Roll Elvis Presley passed away.

Decades later his memory lives on, including right here in New Orleans, where a local barber and musician is keeping Elvis' memory alive.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez met Johnny Angel, who works at The Rooster Club Barbers of New Orleans.

He rides like Elvis Presley, and he's even got the signature pompadour and sideburns like Elvis.

The man who resembles The King of Rock-N-Roll is a musician like Elvis with his own band called Johnny Angel & Helldorado.

Presley certainly has inspired Johnny Angel.

"Well as a young rock and roller, Elvis represented someone with a whole lot of talent and a little bit of luck.  He proved that someone like that can actually make a something of themselves,"  he said.

Johnny is keeping Elvis' legacy alive 41 years after his death not only through music but as a barber at The Rooster Club Barbers of New Orleans barber shop in the Central Business District of New Orleans.

"I have a trademark haircut that I do called the king's cut.  It is Elvis in 1956,"  he said.

Also you may remember that in the late 1950's Elvis Presley filmed his movie, "King Creole" in New Orleans.

Johnny Angel & Helldorado have a new album called "Crawfish & Cowboys."

For more information about Johnny Angel & Helldorado, click HERE.

For more information about The Rooster Club Barbers of New Orleans, click HERE.

Watch Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez get the Elvis makeover from Johnny Angel:


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