High second year expectations for Marcus Williams

Metairie, La. -- Marcus Williams didn't have the ending to his rookie season that he would have hoped for. Most Saints fans remember Williams for being on the wrong side of the "Minneapolis Miracle," in which Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs made the catch over the rookie safety and scored the game-winning touchdown for Minnesota  to end the Saints' season.

It's been six months since that play, and now entering his second season in the league, Williams is ready to roll and much more confident in knowing the defense.

"It's just a process," Williams said. "Every day you've got to get better. I just focus on getting better each day. That helps me get comfortable in the film room and in the playbook. It just helps me become a better player really. I rely on my film study, my instincts. I rely on everything-- everything put together. You don't just rely on one thing. Great players have a lot of things in their repertoire to be better. I have a lot of things in my bag so I can be best on the field."

His off-season work and what he's shown already in camp has not only impressed the coaches, but also his teammates too.

"When we drafted him, we felt like he was very, very intelligent and you're seeing that," said Saints Head Coach Sean Payton. "He understands splits. He understands three by one, two by two, what he's leaning to. I think he plays the run well and he communicates well so he's doing very well."

"Oh man, he gets from sideline to sideline," said Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn, Jr. "That's amazing when a guy can line-up on one hash and get to the other side and still make a play on the ball. Somewhere down the line he got to master in that. He's always there-- even if he's a step late or a step early-- he's always there. Then with the hops that he has, it makes him exceptional."

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