Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office investigating deputy’s involvement in reported hate group

PLAQUEMINES PARISH — A complaint made to the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office about a deputy’s involvement with the Proud Boys fraternal organization has prompted an internal investigation into whether the far-right group is considered a hate group.

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Gerald Turlich said in a news release that the sheriff’s office received a complaint through Facebook about a deputy’s affiliation with the Proud Boys, a men-only group self-described as “Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.”

“Like Archie Bunker, we long for the days when ‘girls were girls and men were men,” the Proud Boys website says. “This wasn’t controversial even twenty years ago, but being proud of Western culture today is like being a crippled, black, lesbian communist in 1953.”

The sheriff’s office released the deputy’s name, but WGNO has chosen not to publish the deputy’s name until more information about his potential affiliation with the Proud Boys is released.

The Proud Boys have clashed violently at protests across the country and are classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group has dismissed that label.

Sheriff Turlich said PPSO Internal Affairs is working with federal law enforcement partners to determine whether the Proud Boys is a hate group or white supremacist organization.

Turlich said the sheriff’s office is not releasing any additional information at this time.

The Proud Boys website claims that “the fact that this group has exploded so quickly is a testament to how completely finished young American men and women are with apology culture.”

“Men have tried being ashamed of themselves and accepting blame for slavery, the wage gap, ableism, and some fag-bashing that went on two generations ago, but it didn’t work,” the website says.

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