Ben Higgins for Bachelor 23? Ex Lauren Bushnell weighs in!

Rumors are circulating online that former Bachelor Ben Higgins might make a resurgence.

Ex-fiance Lauren Bushnell is moving on and supporting his pursuit. “I hope he finds someone honestly, like, he’s such a good guy and he would make such a good husband,” she told US Weekly Magazine at a viewing of the Bachelorette finale with Dear Rosé and ShoeDazzle on Monday, August 6.

“If he does go through with it again I hope it works out because I can’t imagine going through what I went through and I’m sure what he went through on his end, twice,” the season 20 alum continued. “So for me personally if I were in his position, that would be scary. But I also don’t think that should ever hold you back from a good opportunity or experience or possibly finding someone to spend your life with.”

Other famous faces crashing the party: Wills Reid, Kristina Schulman, Jasmine Goode, Jaimi King and Courtney Dober.