Acadiana dancer is the first male Saintsation

Jesse Hernandez, the first male Saintsation

NEW ORLEANS — Jesse Hernandez, a dancer from Maurice, Louisiana, has made Saintsations history as the first male dancer for the Saints dance team.

Hernandez auditioned in April, and told the judges then that he wants to show the world there are more than high school and college dance teams for men who want to dance professionally.

The Saints have had male cheerleaders in the past, but Hernandez, who’s been dancing all his life, is the first male Saintsations dancer.

In March, two men, Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies, made NFL history when they were selected as members of the Los Angeles Ram’s spirit squad. It was their story that inspired Hernandez to audition for the Saintsations.

The Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts have men who assist female cheerleaders with stunts, but they don’t dance, according to USA Today.