‘In My Fillings’: LSU School of Dentistry has a new take on viral #KikiChallenge

NEW ORLEANS — There’s a new spin on the viral Kiki (In My Feelings) challenge, and it’s all thanks to students at the LSU School of Dentistry.

It’s the first dental school in the country to try the remix — “In My Fillings.”

Now, LSU dental students are challenging other dental schools to do the same.

Law enforcement would likely be more supportive of this type of challenge — in which the dancing and lip-synching are done inside a room, instead of jumping out of a moving car and trying it on the side of the road. Police say the new viral challenge, inspired by Drake’s hit “In My Feelings,” is causing numerous injuries worldwide.

A man in Boynton Beach, Florida, was injured while doing the challenge in the middle of the street. He planned to do the dance, jump on the hood of the car and continue dancing.

But seconds before he planned to jump on the car, he slipped and was hit by the vehicle. He suffered minor injuries.

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