Huckabuck or frozen cup? 7th Ward’s Jean Craddock has been serving up frozen goodness for decades

NEW ORLEANS -- Is it a huckabuck or a frozen cup?

Whatever you call it, this frozen goodness is a staple of steamy New Orleans summers. And everyone knows the best place to find them is the Seventh Ward.

Driving by this Seventh Ward house you wouldn't notice anything all that different, until you see the green sign with the magic words: Frozen Cups.

It's the home of 82-year-old Jean Craddock, and she's been selling frozen cups for over 50 years.

These days, most of her customers are adults, and they can't get enough.

"They buy one, and then they come back and buy six, eight, 10," Craddock says.

Here's a pro-tip: Flip the frozen block over in your cup for peak frozen cup enjoyment. And no spoons!

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