Where is fourth grade math the cat’s meow?

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MANDEVILLE, La -   Right here, fourth graders found a way to make math add up like never before.

It's something that actually makes math, maybe for the first time ever, warm and fuzzy.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says the kids are without a doubt a group of Wild Bill's Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

The kids know two plus two usually adds up to four.  But not here on the Northshore at Tchefuncte Middle School in Mandeville, Louisiana.

The fourth graders in math class were surfing the internet.

That's when they found a website with dogs and cats.

The cats were just kind of  hanging out. They were hanging out and they were hoping. They were hoping to find a home.

The cats had high hopes.  The dogs down the hall had the same high hopes.

The kids saw the cats and dogs on the website for the Northshore Humane Society in Covington, Louisiana.

You can see what the kids saw if you just click right here.

Wild Bill Wood asks Molly Ober, one of the fourth graders, "Was it something you saw in the eyes of these dogs and cats?"

Molly Ober says, "you can see their sadness and their grief, they want an owner, maybe just something to keep them warm at night."

That's when the fourth graders went to work. For the first time at Tchefuncte Middle School, math class measures up.

And it makes you wonder as Wild Bill asks another fourth grader, Thomas Gosciensk, "why do you fourth graders care about the dogs and cats on this website?

Thomas Gosciensk says, "we don't have to necessarily adopt them, but we can give them the feeling they're not alone."

It's the kind of feeling that could come only from a blanket.

Handmade, heartfelt, twisted and tied up, no needle, no thread on the 26 blankets the fourth graders decided to make just for the animals at the Northshore Humante Society.

Hattie Wells, another fourth graders tells Wild Bill the blankets are warmer than a fireplace, "they should be because they're two layers."

One of those layers must be love.

Fourth grader Cruz Guerrero says the reason is, "because animals are living things and they should be treated like all other living things."

On delivery day, blankets become the cat's meow.

If they had hopes to sleep warm and snug and safe tonight, now, they will.

That's the puppies, the kitties and the kids who cared enough to come by.


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