Terminally ill dog gets free Burger King

TOLEDO, OH -- Meet Cody. A very loved 10-year-old dog that was diagnosed with terminal cancer about two months ago.

Every day since his diagnoses, Cody's family has stopped at a Toledo, Ohio Burger King for the pup. They order him his favorite cheeseburger to help him get his medication down.

A week ago, a curious employee asked why the family came so frequently. After hearing Cody's story, she excused herself and went and got the manager.

Upon returning, the Burger King employee told Cody's family that his cheeseburgers would be on the house for the rest of his life.

Cody's family tweeted that they can't express how much that simple gesture meant to them as they deal with the heartbreaking news and try to make the rest of Cody's life the best that they can.

Burger King responding, "The world needs a little more kindness and empathy. Thank you for giving us a chance to do this for Cody."