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Tales of the Cocktail: A tribute to Jack Daniels

NEW ORLEANS -- Tales of the Cocktail is mixing it up with an old friend, and that friend's name is Jack.

You may know him.

We're talking whiskey...a very successful whiskey that has been served for over one hundred and fifty years.

"Ask anyone that works at our distillery, 'oh why do we do it that way?' The answer is always, 'that's what Jack did," says U.S. Brand Ambassador for Jack Daniels, Eric Tecosky.

Jack Daniels officially established the very first registered distillery within the U.S. in 1866.

Over the years, this whiskey caught the attention of the acclaimed, like Frank Sinatra.

"He discovers jack and proclaims to the world it is the nectar of the gods, and if Sinatra says it's good, then everyone should try it, and it put jack on this trajectory," says Tecosky.

The rise in sales can be also be attributed to other influencers like William Faulkner and Winston Churchill.

At the Chart Room in the French Quarter, it's still being served to whiskey lovers in new and unique ways.

"With cocktails, it's really fun to find those unique flavors that are in Jack Daniels and figure out fun ways to put them in cocktails. Like today, one of the cocktails is a peanut butter washed Jack Daniels with a little bit of a berry note, so it's almost like a pb&j.

No matter how you like it, it's proven to stand the test of time.

"If jack and coke is what you want, it's okay to have a jack and coke. If you want an old fashioned, have an old fashioned. If you want to put peanut butter in it, try it, but, at the end of the day, you do you. Make yourself happy and we will be here for ya," says Tecosky.

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