Potentially dangerous heat this weekend

The combination of high temperatures and humidity will bring potentially dangerous levels of heat to southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi through the weekend.

Heat index values are going to be well above 100 Friday afternoon. The forecast model shows some numbers around 110 degrees. While that may be a little on the high side, it won’t be by much.

Once it gets this hot it is hard for the body to cool itself. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or worse can occur. Remember to limit your time outdoors during the early and mid afternoon time frames. Drink plenty of water through the next few days, even if you won’t be outside much.

Numbers may be a little lower on Saturday afternoon but not by much. You will need to use caution through the weekend.

A heat advisory is in effect for most of the area Friday. This could be continued over the weekend. Rain chances will remain low providing little chance for relief.