Passengers rescued after air boat crashes in alligator infested Melbourne lake

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MELBOURNE, Fla — A group of people were rescued after an air boat crashed Thursday morning in an alligator infested Brevard County lake.

It happened on Lake Washington near Melbourne.

Officials said seven people on board when the boat capsized. A person on board at the time told WESh 2 News that the group waited for rescue on the hull of the overturned boat.

They all made it to shore safely and nobody required medical attention.

Leon Whitworth, the boat’s owner, said he wasn’t sure what caused the boat to capsize as he was cruising along the water with a group of friends from out-of-town.

The group had one working phone and were able to call 911 and Mike Tipton’s tour boat service, Airboat Rides Melbourne, for help.

“I got the call that (Whitworth’s) boat’s down and (they were) sitting on the bottom with seven people in the water.” Tipton said. “I don’t think I’ve ever met (Whitworth), but he had my number from somewhere, so I’m glad he did.”

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