iPhone drops 450 feet and lives to tell the tale

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ORLANDO, FL -- Doing it for the 'gram. A woman attempting to document her trip to the top of a record-breaking amusement park ride went from smiley emoji to frown town when she dropped her iPhone 450 feet to the ground.

She planned to record herself and her date as they reached the top of Orlando's Starflyer ride, phones and personal items are not allowed on the Starflyer.

Described as 'Swings on Steroids,' the ride is so ambitious that riders are instructed to store their belongings in plastics bins at the base of the ride.

The video starts with her and her date ascending to the top before she loses her grip. The phone continued to record throughout it's descent, spinning through the air and dropping hundreds of feet. It landed screen side down with the camera in the air... Still recording, mind you!

You would assume that the fall would shatter the screen but lucky lady! Her phone case protected it. She used the "Find my iPhone app" to locate the still functioning cell and was excited to discover only a single scratch.

She uploaded the video to social media where it continues to climb in views.

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