Image of man sitting in wreckage captures heartbreak after Iowa tornadoes

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A man sits alone on a rock as chaos swirls around him in the aftermath of a devastating tornado.

Sirens wail. The area is littered with overturned cars and twisted debris crumpled on top of each other after a tornado ripped through Pella, Iowa, one of several that tore through the state on Thursday.

The man hunches over quietly, his eyes cast downward as his foot rests on what appears to be a stray tire. His facial expression can’t be seen in the video shot by CNN affiliate KCCI.

Pella’s Vermeer Corporation plant, which manufactures industrial and agricultural equipment, was heavily damaged Thursday.

The tornado had ripped out chunks of the roof in one of the buildings, KCCI’s drone footage showed. Smashed cars, shattered glass and pieces of the building lay scattered across the company grounds.

Vermeer CEO Jason Andringa said about 400 dealers and customers were on site as part of a 70th anniversary event when the severe weather hit. They were escorted to tornado facilities.

Seven people were transported to Pella Regional Health Center with minor injuries — all have been treated and released, he said.

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