Hollywood South News with Jabari: Will the film industry keep up the busy trend?

NEW ORLEANS -- A couple of years ago, Hollywood South had literally gone south.  But now film studios are overflowing with productions.

Will the trend continue?

Kevin Preston with Quixote Studios thinks so.

"Just based off the fact that every studio in this city right now is booked, and they're all booked for a while," he says.

The Purge Season 1 is a series that's filming in New Orleans. It's expected to be released to USA and SyFy Network later this year.

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1 is a thriller series that's filming in New Orleans and will eventually air on the TNT Network.

Queen Sugar Season 3 is filming in LaPlace. They're expected to wrap up production in this month.

These are just some of the few productions going on now in New Orleans, but many more are expected.