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American Idol kicks off auditions in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS -- American Idol kicked off auditions for Season 2 in the Big Easy Friday! Twist Reporter Adam Bowles was there early this morning for a behind the scenes look.

The energy was through the roof at the Convention Center even before daybreak!  Hundreds of people lined up to take their shot to be the next American Idol.  The halls were filled with contestants warming up their songs to sing for the producers.  We were blown away by the voices but what exactly are the judges and producers looking for?

"First of all, pick a good song,'' Patrick Lynn, an executive producer says.  "Pick something you know, something you like. Secondly, perform it well, not just singing it; but performing it well. You know, stand there open your eyes, look engaged. What would Usher do onstage? What would Beyonce do on stage? You should be doing the same thing."

But for Richard Schoefield from California, being the next American Idol is more than just a title.

"I grew up not without a momma," Richard says. "My momma is still alive, I just don't know who she is right now. My dad, he was around, he was only around to put me in check. He was always in gangs on the streets. It would mean the world for me to win to prove I can do it."

Richard and everyone who auditioned has a story and a dream and realized their life can change with one audition.

Those who made it past all of the rounds on Friday will be able to audition in front of the celebrity judges early next year!


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