A Tales of the Cocktail party with no booze?

NEW ORLEANS -- Every Tales of the Cocktail party has alcohol, right? Not this year.

William Grant & Sons, makers of Glenfiddich Scotch whisky, Hendrick’s Gin, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, and other world famous liquors, hosted a non-alcoholic party to kick off its Tales experience.

"The beverage industry is for everybody. And, some of those people don't drink," says Charlotte Voisey, Director of Advocacy for William Grant & Sons. "And that's just fine. They can still participate."

"We thought it was important this year to really focus on the idea of responsible consumption and the idea that we can get together as professionals and have a good time. And, we don't always have to drink."

Voisey is a well-known bartender as well. She stopped by the Twist Bar to make a non-alcoholic variation of a Negroni. She would normally put Hendrick’s Gin in her Negronis. But, in this case, the bottle was only on display next to the drink.

"A Negroni variation inspired by Hendrick's," she says. "But not using it."

News with a Twist host LBJ taste-tested the drink. The verdict from LBJ: "This is pretty good. Pretty darn good."

Voisey and  William Grant & Sons will be involved in a dozen events during Tales of the Cocktail.

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