Get glitter faced with new edible glitter cocktails!

NEW ORLEANS– There’s a new trend in cocktails and it is shiny, bright and festive!  Here in New Orleans we love our glitter for all of our Mardi Gras decorations.  But did you know that you can drink edible glitter too?  Tales of the Cocktail is always ahead of the trends in the cocktail world, and during Tales you could drink cocktails with glitter in them.

Last night at the “Ode to the Bowl” party at Fulton Alley during Tales of The Cocktail, News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez tried a cantaloupe margarita called, “The Juice Is Loose” with edible glitter in it.   This drink is sure to make your lips shiny and sparkly.  It is the drink that everyone was talking about!

For more information about Tales of the Cocktail, click HERE.



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