Release the beasts: thousands run with bulls on roller skates

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NEW ORLEANS - Are you ready to run with the bulls?

In New Orleans, it's a race with a twist.

That's why WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is at the starting line with the runners and with the bulls.

The bulls are real.

Well, sort of real.

The bulls have horns.

Some of the horns are covered in beads.

Some of those beads are Mardi Gras beads, in fact.

The bulls look more like New Orleans Roller Derby Girls.

That's because that's who the bulls are and they have help from roller derby girls from around the country.

These "bulls" are on roller skates chasing thousands of people for about a mile through downtown New Orleans, Louisiana.

The bulls have something in their arsenal besides their roller skating bullishness.

The bulls have plastic baseball bats. Bats that come from a place of love.

With a smack of love, the runners run faster.  They run harder. They run to avoid another collision with one of the bulls out on these obstacle course for people running from these make-believe bulls.

Only in New Orleans could it happen like this.

And it's been happening just like this for the last twelve years.  That's a dozen years of this bull business.

In New Orleans, the running of the bulls pays tribute the one on the other side of the world in Pamplona, Spain.

You know that one.  Everybody knows that one.

The runners and the bulls do it for fun.

And they do it for a great charity.

The charity is BFF.  That stands for Beth's Friends Forever.

BFF helps women in the New Orleans area fight cancer.

Since 2010, close to half a million bucks have been raised.

And that's no bull!






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