Brawl outside of Covington convenience store leads to 6 arrests, 3 injuries

COVINGTON — A large fight broke out at a Covington convenience store Tuesday night.

Six people were arrested and three others were injured.

Covington police say it happened around 8:30 p.m., at ISTOP Grocery in the in the 1300 block of North Columbia Street.

Shots were fired as well, but no shooting victims were reported.

One person was stabbed multiple times and two more were taken to the hospital for other injuries.

Detectives say they are not sure what caused the fight.

Thirty-year-old Chalmeale Gillin, 43-year-old Cedric Laurant, 29-year-old Britney Gillin, 39-year-old Latania Magee, 38-year-old Alvin Laurant, and a 16-year-old were all arrested on charges ranging from simple battery to resisting an officer and aggravated battery.