Slain N.O. teen whose body was propped up in front of TV at wake given jazz funeral

NEW ORLEANS -- The story of slain New Orleans teen Renard Matthews went viral Monday because his family opted to prop his body up in front of a TV, wearing his favorite Celtics jersey, at his wake.

Today, he was laid to rest with a traditional jazz funeral held in his Upper Ninth Ward neighborhood. As you can see, Matthews was laid to rest in a casket.

Matthews was shot and killed in the Florida area of New Orleans June 26.

At the Charbonnet Labat Glapion Funeral Home in Treme, his family showed the world the things Matthews love the most. Matthews was sitting in a chair, video game controller in hand, surrounded by his favorite snacks, with his beloved Boston Celtics on the television screen.

Matthews' story has since been shared hundreds of thousands of times on news websites across the globe.